Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fox & Friends Quilt

This spring I wanted some sort of sewing project but since I wasn't at my goal fitness (right around where I am now) I didn't want to sew anything since my size was changing and I was mourning the loss of several pieces to being too big to even bother altering. My cousin has an obsession with foxes and really, I wanted a fun light project, so this seemed like a good pattern to try out.

Fox and Friends Pattern by Sew Fresh Quilts, purchased as a kit through Mad About Patchwork

I haven't bound this quilt yet for whatever reason but I can at least comment on the pattern.

By and large, I can't complain too much. There are a couple of things that should be clearer in the pattern but as a confident beginner pattern, it's a safe bet.

- The pattern doesn't make it explicitly clear that the organization of blues in the sample and the layout (which don't match) are just suggestions. You're really supposed to randomly assign spots for the shades, so you will have left overs at the end. This is a bit of a hassle if you're not paying attention since you'll notice too late that you have two of the same color together or you try to layout the whole thing like the layout and don't have enough of some shades. 
- There has to be a tidier way of applique-ing the eyes and noses (speaking of, I'm disappointed the foxes do not have masks, this will change in future variations.)
- Definitely use a scant 1/4" and pay attention to the grain. You can see rumbles from where I didn't and it bothers me

This is meant as a sort of working muslin for the pattern. It's definitely going to be a baby quilt for someone but I also want to play around with the critters and colors.
Variations I'm thinking of:
- Household pets instead of some of the critters
- Greens and browns for the background
- Batiks for fur OR the background (I think it might get too busy otherwise)
- Adding a mask to the foxes
- Just machine quilt the whole thing, hand quilting was unnecessary and I used the wrong batting for it so I tore up my fingers.

I discovered the following pattern on pinterest when trying to find a quilt pillow pattern for left over precuts for another pattern. It's a perfect accompaniment to the quilt!

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