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 Welcome! Crossing the Delebear is exercise in actually documenting what I cook/sew/craft/whatever. Horses and my sheltie just might make an appearance, DH's woodworking project may as well.

The Name
Crossing The Delebear was created for a log-in for a networking site. I wanted to be rid of my old handle so this was proposed. It is a play on the title of Emanuel Leutze's painting Washington Crossing the Delebear. We had recently moved to the DC metro and being a former/alumn Bear, it fit.

Contact Information and Social Media
The best way to contact me is directly through my email:
I am on Twitter (@TheDelebear), Instagram(@CrossingtheDelebear), and Pinterest (TheDelebear). How active I am on any particular site varies but you can get ideas on what can be showing up here in the future from my pinterest boards.  
Olive is mentioned here a lot. She is a young Sheltie (we think) who really should have been named Bless Her Heart and thinks she's really a rabbit. She was found wandering a town in central Texas, picked up by a shelter, transferred to a rescue where we adopted her a month later, when she was probably 10 months old. We have our theories about what happened the first nine months of her life. But she has made herself at home and may have a promising Obedience and Rally career ahead of her.

Her favorite foods are dark leafy greens, peanut butter, and lamb. But she really wouldn't turn down anything that isn't an herb, she really does not like herbs.

Her favorite things to do are go for runs, chase squirrels and geese (but not sheep, she is not sure what to do with those weird things), and sleep.

I come from a family with a lot of hot dishes (casseroles to the non-Midwest folks) and some PA Dutch comfort food (though I am not the tiniest bit German.) I moved far away from my Pennsylvania roots for college (Sic 'em Bears) and was introduced to Tex-Mex that didn't come precooked and bland, the wonders of a good Clay Pot, and really really good barbeque. But then a normal physical came back with results that I needed to cut animal products out of my diet and since then we have had a mostly plant-based diet. I wouldn't say it completely changed our eating habits - I still have a major sweet tooth and peanut butter is a weakness - but it has opened up another area of food that we didn't explore nearly as much.

I label recipes by their components, if a recipe is entirely vegan or I provide alterations to make it so, then I will tag it both Vegan and Low Cholesterol. The Low Cholesterol also designates recipes that include egg whites or meat based broth, if the broth is labeled fat free. Please note, I do use honey in my recipes, so if you are opposed to the human consumption of honey, substitute agave nectar or possibly maple syrup.

Sewing and Crafts
I enjoy sewing my own clothes, quilts, etc however I do so with an eye towards the economy of effort. I try to avoid fast-fashion but also know that I simply do not have the time or drive to make everything myself and where my limits are (I know I would get too frustrated trying to fit and sew bras and similar foundation garments right now.) I do not have a particular aesthetic but do enjoy the fashion of the inter-war and post-WWII eras.  

If I can find time or the mood strikes, I also quilt and do other crafts for the house. Most of my quilting is machine-pieced and then hand-quilted. I like the look and feel of the quilting but think handpiecing is unnecessary for non-competition quilts.

I enjoy making Olive unique costumes at least once a year. If I got greater enjoyment out of the crowds at cons, I would be making costumes for myself as well. Olive's costumes are usually at home at a con all the same and I have a list for more years then she probably has Halloweens of potential costumes.