Friday, May 31, 2013

Half Way There

I'm almost half way through my summer class and already have a backlog of projects to finish (vintage Vogue reprint hack, Negroni for DH, knit peplum, trousers to hem, taking in a skirt) but believe it or not, I *have* been sewing. Just nothing I can show here (should have taken pictures for my log though). We are testing out the best/cheapest method to store silver so I spent a couple hours sewing pacific silver cloth bags and box liners. I was not particularly proud of the sloppy lines (that cloth eats needles and I get sloppy early in the morning as evidenced by the random patches some of the larger pieces have when I forgot to account for all dimensions when cutting) but I got compliments from some of the non-sewers in the office so that was nice.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fiesta Kind-of Chowder

The colors remind me of traditional Mexican colors so the name. They called it a chowder but with so little fat, it doesn't quite qualify as chowder in my book. To quote DH "It's WeightWatchers so it's not going to be the tastiest thing ever", but with the added spices and fat I think it's better than he gives it credit for (he ate three bowls). I think all the vegetables throw him off.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chevron Skirt

Food and sewing posts are going to be lacking for the next two months or so. My internship is an hour-twenty at least each way (three days a week), my class is forty minutes away (twice a week), volunteering is twenty (once a week), and lessons are an hour-ten in the opposite direction (once a week). So it's going to be quick dinners, and very limited sewing.

A couple of months ago (had to have been early summer) I found a cute skirt tutorial for a chevron pleated skirt and decided that would be a good way to replace some of the printed skirts DH doesn't like.

The front two have been shelved for a couple months now. The parasol one reminds me of Kaylee and the dot one is just fun.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nautical Knit Top (Fringe Festival Scarf T)

I've been getting frustrated that there are so many cute dresses out there that could fit me, or I like the pattern for, but dresses are just so impractical. I have a decent walk each way to and from the metro this summer and while there is a shuttle from the HOA office to the metro, there is definitely not one to my internship (hoping I can get clearance to drive my car, I don't care if it's in DC traffic, it cuts my commute down by almost an hour). So this is sort of sewing therapy, a patterned top that could be practical.
I know I said no nautical but I saw the announcement of the fabric and had to get it. DH says it could be work appropriate with khakis or something but I'm not convinced- thoughts?

 I talk with my hands, this is what happens when I ask DH to take the pictures