Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chevron Skirt

Food and sewing posts are going to be lacking for the next two months or so. My internship is an hour-twenty at least each way (three days a week), my class is forty minutes away (twice a week), volunteering is twenty (once a week), and lessons are an hour-ten in the opposite direction (once a week). So it's going to be quick dinners, and very limited sewing.

A couple of months ago (had to have been early summer) I found a cute skirt tutorial for a chevron pleated skirt and decided that would be a good way to replace some of the printed skirts DH doesn't like.

The front two have been shelved for a couple months now. The parasol one reminds me of Kaylee and the dot one is just fun.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Facts:
My hair is at an awkward stage.*

The fabric is pretty hefty on its own but it is a bit see-through on the white stripes, thus the broadcloth, it also messed up my chevrons a bit and so the pleats WILL NOT press properly. I'm not too happy about that fact. I'd also hem it a little longer and bind the seams with more of the broadcloth but I'm too lazy to do so now. Also, I would interface the waistband so it doesn't fold in half like it does now.  I am, however, proud of the hem, nice and tidy invisible hem (my first attempt at one actually).

* I'm growing it out on the off chance I can afford a few shows this summer. With hunters I could just smoosh it up in a hairnet but it seems like a bun is pretty much expected in dressage and my preferred cut is too short for even a fake bun without a ton of bobbypins.

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