Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miss Frizzle Costume: Planning

(The shirt I've been working on for the last two-three weeks is just waiting for a hem and button holes, I just keep putting it off. I should finish it tomorrow... maybe)

For another day at ComicCon I wanted something a bit more... out there. And what's more out there then everyone's favorite magic schoolbus-driving teacher? A lot of things, but this is as out there as I want to go. I may be putting this off for Halloween in favor of Fairy Godmother- depends on if I can find a shirt for Kaylee and how intensive of a design I choose for this.

Did you know they have whole episodes on youtube? I'm reliving my childhood.

Unlike Kaylee, the Frizz doesn't exactly have a set costume. In fact it can vary wildly in each book/episode or even scene to scene! So my first step was to figure out which one I wanted to attempt. It seems like most people do the space dress, so I'd like to do something different. These were my favorites (so far, of course, subject to change):

The red unidentifiable things look they have the Earth point of origin symbol on them, don't they? Kind of makes it my favorite

I'm not even sure she wore this dress in an actual episode,
someone grabbed this screenshot from the intro- where it changes designs a couple times

Green cowboy boots!

I already found a wig
Arda Wigs- Glinda

So I just need to make the outfit (including shoes) and find a Liz. Apparently the stuffed Liz creatures put out a couple years ago are now going for $50-90 and I'm not spending that on a stuffed animal Olive will likely try to destroy. I may just find a Beanie Baby that vaguely looks like it (they still make those, right?) or do what L* did for our last convention and make the thing (she made a 2-3 ft bright pink rabbit that poked me in the ear constantly as we walked, her dog later destroyed it. She made me a mini to take with me to college. It has a lavender sachet in it and is currently keeping my wedding dresses smelling nice, I know it's best practice but I'm not terribly concerned with the continued condition of them so, oh well.)

I ordered this pattern with a gift card I got from BIL for Christmas (along with good fabric shears, thread nippers, and new marking pens)

Not a perfect match but I'm going to Frankenstein the bodice a bit anyway, so I'll be combining it with McCall M6124 I have in my stash already.

*L, being the really awesome art major that she is, made DH and I really awesome mugs- she also made the little Kaylee I use as my profile pic as part of a high school graduation/you're-moving-to-Texas-and-leaving-us gift. Who can figure out the two 'verses?

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