Tuesday, January 22, 2013


More or less adapted from Bakerella

Every so often (usually around the time I have finals or something similar) I get the urge to bake so I’ll send DH to the store with a short and very unhealthy shopping list. This was one of those times. DH doesn’t complain.

I would count this a mild success. It needs some tweaking but if you're baking for the day of, it's not a bad option. Next time I think a higher cookie to brownie recipe would be better.

The differences:
-          I didn’t measure after mixing the two together, 1” brownie chunks were too big so I just tore off bits, rolled them a bit and rolled cookie dough around them
-          The cookie recipe tasted too much like... something... so I messed with a good bit to get it to a taste that didn’t have us going ‘something is off’. Next time I'll just use the tollhouse recipe, maybe with a pudding packet thrown in for fluff

Other thoughts:
-          Silpats are awesome. DH insisted on them when we registered for the wedding. I don’t need to use wax paper (nails on a chalk board there) and things cook and cool so much more evenly
-          Use your own favorite cookie recipe but do use mini chips, it does wrap better
-          I didn’t find that these kept that well (I think it was cookie again, the brownie bits still tasted great) so plan on using them within the first 2 days or so.
-    I need a better chocolate chip/drop cookie recipe. Tollhouse isn't even that good for me.

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