Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nautical Knit Top (Fringe Festival Scarf T)

I've been getting frustrated that there are so many cute dresses out there that could fit me, or I like the pattern for, but dresses are just so impractical. I have a decent walk each way to and from the metro this summer and while there is a shuttle from the HOA office to the metro, there is definitely not one to my internship (hoping I can get clearance to drive my car, I don't care if it's in DC traffic, it cuts my commute down by almost an hour). So this is sort of sewing therapy, a patterned top that could be practical.
I know I said no nautical but I saw the announcement of the fabric and had to get it. DH says it could be work appropriate with khakis or something but I'm not convinced- thoughts?

 I talk with my hands, this is what happens when I ask DH to take the pictures

The Facts:
  • Fabric: Blue Nautical Flag Strip on White Jersey Spandex Knit from GirlCharlee (somehow I thought the horizontal repeat would be less, it all worked out though)
  • Pattern: Fringe Festival Scarf T from HotPatterns/
  • Year: Early 2010s 
  • Notions: All Purpose White Thread, Walking Foot, Fusible Bias Stay Tape
  • Techniques/Tutorials: 3 Hours Past's Hemming Knits
  • Cost: <$15, not including the cost of the walking foot
  • Time: Maybe 8 hours? I messed up a couple times so picking out the stitches took awhile.
  • Make Again?: Probably not as is, it's a little too distinctive but perhaps converting it into a cowl? Mostly I just like the drape factor of the knit. Needs more waist definition
  • Alterations: Faced the neck ties, smaller sleeve hem, shortened shirt by 3" (should have only done 2.5")
I'm divided about how I feel about it, I think better finishing on the hems and attention to detail would be nicer, and the tie is a little heavy. But I do like how drapey and soft the fabric feels.

I added bias stay tape/interfacing to the top and bottom of the neckties, the bottom hem, and the sleeve hems, though trimmed down since the fabric was just so drapey. I'm divided about the decision, it altered the drape but it made sewing so much easier. I know sandwiching between paper might have fixed it but I don't want to dull my needles that much.

I also didn't like that with the original you saw the back of the fabric.  This fabric is only printed on one side so there is a definite outside and inside. To fix this, I cut a second pair of necktie pieces  to make a facing and sewed it as regular facing. If I were to make it again, I would redraft the ties to be a curve on one side instead of a square end. Because it is such a busy pattern, I was lazy about trying to match lines. I didn't think I wanted those lines continued the whole way across my chest because it made it made everything a little lopsided but I'm not happy with how it looks like lack of attention to detail. I'm not sure why I really didn't like the sleeves on the Pirates Shirt and don't mind them as much here. They're pretty much the same. 

While the walking foot helps, the fabric still gets stuck and I have funny nubs along the seams. More practice will help a little with it but I think it's just not a knit-friendly machine. It was sold to me as good for wovens, especially pieced quilting so I'm not too concerned. I would like to pick up a couple of double needles to have on hand, and more stretch and ballpoint needles.

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