Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pretzel Dogs

I know I'm posting more food recipes than anything else, but right now life is: food, school, throw the ball for Olive and pray she brings it back/doesn't eat it.

 This is a half recipe, sort of, it's missing a mini-dog that I was snacking on at the time.*
Joy the Baker's pretzel dogs

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I follow her recipe *almost* verbatim. I never actually measure out the dough (we always do half dogs otherwise they wouldn't fit in the pot) and I just dump baking soda in the pot- though I've gotten the best results from a full cup for a full batch (which you add after the water is boiling). There have been times where I have been sure I ruined the dough by adding too much flour to get the right texture for it only to turn too tough but then... it all turns out okay! While yeast can be fiddly, this recipe really isn't. I wouldn't let these sit in the fridge too many days past making them as they get that weird dough-y texture. However, lunch the next day? Awesome idea. Sometimes I just eat the pretzel  part and leave the hot dog for DH.

**edit: Because I had to walk DH through this I thought should add some things. You can cool the butter in the fridge for a few minutes, it won't freeze, really. Also, frothy is relative. If most of the yeast are no long distinctive little balls you are probably fine. Relax. **

First time we had them, we had them with root-beer, deli mustard and ketchup. We, however, did not watch baseball. 

Olive update: We are finally transitioning Miss Prissy Pants to her non-prescription food. She picks out those kibbles before eating the rest so we know she at least likes it (of course she also likes leather ... so not sure how reliable her palate is).  I'm very much looking forward to her not smelling like, whatever I/D smells like. Hopefully she'll be less gassy too (my parents got to experience that joy over Thanksgiving.)
She's also getting very vocal and active. When we got back from church she wouldn't stop chatting (not barking thankfully) with me for a good 10 minutes and she jumped up to open the front door herself (one of the locks is on a toggle handle). For a second I thought it would be cool to teach her to open it, and then I realized it would be a very, very bad idea.

It's cold here (and DH is messing with our heater) so I broke out the killer rabbit slippers. Olive is not impressed.
 * We sometimes use Hebrew National which uses 7** so you get 7 mini-dogs per half batch
** I didn't really think about the significance of the 7 versus the 6 or 8 in other packs until the other day. Then I started to giggle. Then I realized I need to find my copy of my Hebrew-English Lexicon for a paper and stopped.

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