Saturday, November 17, 2012

Olive's a Better Fan

Just a short little update to say: Olive is such a better Baylor fan than we are

Art Briles (Head Coach of the Bears) is notorious for wearing a baseball cap and long sleeves. I would sometimes pass him on my way to my job senior year when he was heading out for a run and he was wearing, of course, long sleeves and a baseball cap. He also says pithy sayings like "That dog'll hunt" (which I gather to mean, "That'll work"). Of course, Olive's a Sheltie so she doesn't hunt, she herds. Well, she does hunt squirrels but she's not supposed to.

She was remarkably tolerant, though I do have outtakes of her doing a Dune Cat impersonation since the shirt is DH-size (the neck is tied to be close to her's). Of course, she got a few training treats afterwards.

Today, Baylor is playing K-State (and ESPN favors us?! but Westboro apparently hates us both...*) but neither DH nor I are in Baylor Gear (DH is in a waco-based organization shirt and says that's close enough, I disagree). Therefore, Olive is a better fan than us.

* Supposedly, we're as Baptist as our "bear mascots" - I asked my friend why no one told me Lady and Joy go to church.

**edit** We did end up tuning in for the second half. There was a lot of "I can't watch!"- so a lot like last year, except I was in jeans and tee shirt instead of poly-wool blend uniform. In the end we got several congratulations at church this morning- DH wore his BU sweater and there are a number of almuns at the church.

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