Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pink Lady Cake- or the Disaster that Sat in a Fridge Until Thrown Out

This is one of those recipes I really can't recommend in good faith. I bet it worked for a lot of people but this disaster was so bad I didn't want to try it again. And I have honestly no idea where the cream cheese recipe came from, mostly likely I dumped powdered sugar and cream cheese in the mixer and called it a day. But it was supposedly based off of this Smitten Kitchen Recipe

Friend R and I started a writing project together in spring 2006*. It’s been a pet project of ours, that hasn't got much attention these last few years as we were finishing college and R is now working and I'm writing papers that vaguely relate to sustainable collections practices.** To see how the script was received by people who weren’t us and how well it read in general, we gathered just under two dozen (I think, it seemed like it anyway, we took up R's living room) of our hometown friends together for food (translation: bribes) and a reading in the summer of 2009. It was hilarious and rather well received, people did say it was very “us” (I’m taking that as a compliment, I think we can be quite hilarious).

That's a crown... with a sad middle point-jewel-thing.
Hurray for R's facebook albums or there would be no record of this cake***

Well, there’s a very girly scene towards the end of the piece that we lovely refer to as “GwenCon”. Trying out new recipes, I made a cake that Smitten Kitchen put out because in my mind Gwen=Girly=PINK! It was a disaster. I’m not sure what happened, maybe because I used previously frozen strawberries, I don’t know but no one could eat more than a small slice but it looked pretty-ish for being decorated with a plastic bag with a corner snipped off. Friend Z took it home with him to see if his stepbrother would eat it. I believe it was later thrown away untouched. Oh well. His family got several baking rejects that summer (Z and I tried making s'more cupcakes, there's a video of him making it go "rawr"- there was also a many-layer cake that fell through the cooling rack that he and my brother tried to eat before giving up.)

I’m not trying it again. Maybe a blueberry cake? That sounds like fun.

Here would be a *very* funny picture of someone eating the cake except I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want anyone else (beyond any facebook friends) to see it. It's special.  So here's a loose approximation of everyone's attitude towards the cake. In Paint, because I still haven't unpacked my sketch pads.****

* No way it's been 6 years. I don't believe it.
** 2/3 of the paper has nothing to do with sustainability, mostly just explaining collections practices in broad terms so the 1/3 on sustainability makes sense. HeadDesk.
*** Without R's facebook albums and camera there would be a lot less record of my life from 9th grade on
**** Yes, it's been four months. I also still don't know where I put the stickers for our Compassion sponsor child are, and I know I put them somewhere that makes total sense.

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