Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our First Christmas (Tree)

DH and I finally got a tree. Last year we were pretty much gone for the month with visiting both sides and the Alamo Bowl (we better be representing the Big 12 in the Military Bowl next year, that would be so incredibly convenient). So we didn't get a tree. This year, we have a little more random living space so we ordered a fake little (they say 4.5' but really more like 3.75' with a tall center bit) prelit tree.

 Olive is going through a teenage phase

It has a bit of an identity crisis. We received this set from my godparents for the wedding. I was so confused when I opened it because, well, pinecone for motherhood and fruitfulness? Anywho. They're sparkley. And for our tree, right now, that's all that matters.

Then we bought this ornament on our honeymoon:

The only major souvenir from our Honeymoon, seriously

And when ThinkGeek had a end of season sale we bought a set of Giant Microbe ornaments (you can see the red amoeba in the first picture above Ms. Prissy Pant's right ear and the festive cold a little farther up from her left ear).

Finally, when we decided we wanted a tree this year, we thought about the parts of us that haven't been represented yet on the tree. And then the Firefly reunion special was on Science. Big alligator tears and a lot of seal clapping, let me tell you. More seal clapping than tears, much more. So we knew we needed Serenity or at least something show related. Cue Modcloth advertising dinosaurs with wreaths around their necks (at least I think that's how it happened, might been on a blog). And we needed a stegosaurus (not in the correct color sadly) to compliment it.

Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal! *

Finally, we needed the TARDIS. BBC America to the rescue!

DooWeeDoo (Dugadada, Dugadada) 

We're still in a debate about what to put on the top. I want something traditional, DH wants something scifi-y. A while back I suggested a wheeping angel (it's kind of traditional, right?) but DH reasoned we would never sleep at night- he was probably right. Then he said a Death Star instead of a regular star (I love the look of Moravian Stars, personally) but I shot that down. So now we're stuck.

Also, I want a pickle ornament.**

**I have a list of ornaments for next year: a flute, a pickle, a treble clef, and maybe even a Texas flag for DH
***Just realized this could be considered foreshadowing...

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