Friday, December 5, 2014

Finally Finished!: Fox and Friends Quilt

It's not the prettiest quilt ever. Even though in theory the heavier quilting cotton should have held up just fine, there was a lot of easing going on and the hand quilting meant that it got stretched in placed. I really do not like the recommended fabric for the binding (Binding Architextures Cross Hatch in Black.) It jars with that solids and natural theme of the animals. I think a less industrial fabric would be better - there was a camping themed collection last year that might have something that could fit. 

I did use a new technique for finishing the binding. Initially I planned to hand bind since I hand quilted the body but instead I found the suggestion of using the blanket stitch. I have blanket stitch in both directions so it worked well for finishing the binding so all I had to do by hand was finish the corners.

Olive was not impressed.

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