Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Russian Apple-Thing with Salted Caramel Sauce

Pretty much taken verbatim from Smitten Kitchen

The way our old church did things, home groups could rotate hosts for a group meal with everyone contributing. For our home group we had to be slightly conscious of not having too weird of foods. While I love “weird” (aka non-generic-American) foods* some people did not care for them. Well, we were having something, maybe brisket, that begged for something lighter and I thought this looked good. But what’s a cake without some sort of icing?

What I changed:
-          I used the springform pan we had that isn’t quite a spring form but I’m not sure what it is then, it's like a really tall-sided removable bottom tart pan.
-          I added the Caramel Sauce also from Smitten Kitchen

Other Thoughts:
      -     I would mix the apples with the custard, it didn’t sink as much as I would like, or maybe I wasn’t patient enough. I probably wasn't patient enough knowing me. Patience. Not a virtue I'm terribly known for (though I hold I found my Christmas presents by accident, I can wait for that at least)

*My family has Rømmegrøt every Christmas Eve when we get together. I made DH have a bowl his first Christmas with us. I cackled. I’m trying to convince him that fiskeboller with white sauce are delicious (they are, at least that I remember from the last time I had them ... which was probably more than a decade ago) since I've given up on lutefisk and he had a bad experience with geitost last Christmas. He at least agreed to a kransekake at the wedding reception (my dad insisted so there wasn't so much of an option). He does love cardamom bread, at least.

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