Friday, October 19, 2012

Roast Chicken with DH’s Favorite Sauce

I adapted this recipe from Smitten Kitchen into a meal that DH and I go to fairly regularly. It is fairly cheap, it’s not too-too work intensive, and I can get DH to eat a whole head of broccoli. All in all, a winner.

If you hate vinegar, the sauce is not for you. I don’t really but I sneak a little sugar in to cut it a bit (and the first time I made it we didn’t have heavy cream so I used what was left in the whipped cream bottle in the back of the fridge so DH is already used to it being a bit sweeter.)

The onions aren't the prettiest but this is such a delicious meal. Especially with steamed broccoli or string beans drowned in the sauce, though it tends to overcook the broccoli so keep them separate until on the plate.

I more or less follow the recipe. The only differences are that:
-          We use less than 3lbs. When we made it with that much there was a good deal left over and while it can be shredded for sandwiches, it usually isn’t all used before it went bad.
-          I’ve had the most luck with Quarters or Split Quarters. I’m not sure if it’s the weight or what but more of the skin gets nice and crisp
-          I never use a timer. I’m a bit of a neurotic mess when it comes to cooking chicken thoroughly (or any meat*) so I use a neat probe thermometer with a lead so that I can set an alarm to go off when the temp is correct, and then cook for a little longer.
-          More often than not I omit the shallots, we don’t use them otherwise and I hate buying stuff that isn’t used more than once a week and leaves leftovers
-          We use white wine vinegar, the smell of alcohol makes me sick and the smell of it cooking off is even worse. I’m sure it would taste fine with actual wine if you like that sort of thing.
-          -I had a small spoonful (very scientific, roughly 1/3 of the scoop that came with our ceramic storage containers) of sugar to the cream

*Sometime I should share the story of the time DH got food poisoning because he wouldn’t listen to me about tuna. I don’t think DH would appreciate it though. I get too much joy out of it. Maybe because I had poisoning in Guate** a couple months before and I didn’t want a repeat of that experience

** Lesson learned, if you barely squeaked by in four years of Spanish and you have a rather delicate digestive system, and even if you thought you would go crazy in the alternative, spending a month in Central America a month before your wedding is not a smart idea. It’s just not.

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