Friday, October 26, 2012

Dr Pepper Float Whoopie Pies

Adapted from this book (thanks to my cousin and her husband for a great wedding gift)

The official soft drink of DH and my Alma Mater is Dr Pepper. Every Tuesday there is Dr Pepper hour on campus (used to be Coke Hour) where Dr Pepper Floats (there is a special recipe of like 1 liter to 1 gallon of Blue Bell) are served to all students and faculty who show up. It’s a time to smooze with professors and the college president. I never made it to one in my four years there but I can’t have a lot of sugar and ice cream is a bad idea anyway. I can smooze at almuni events now, I guess, if I really want.

Pretty much every game for the past few years, someone in the flute section (usually an upperclassmen) would bring baked goods for everyone. I believe this started with Halloween bags my freshman year which became goodie bags my sophomore year to just baked things my junior year. While we had a sort of rule that you couldn’t eat in uniform (sensible since they get a lot of abuse anyway) you could easily find some sort of sugary product in the woodwinds (and probably the brass too, but I didn’t really talk to them).

One game, I made these. I first used Home Group as guinea pigs.

Things I changed:
      -     Substitute Dr Pepper for Root Beer
-          Boiled down a lot of Dr Pepper to get a more concentrated flavor (I believe you can get syrup at the DPM but I didn't want to make the drive). Use *a lot*, like a whole liter.

Other Thoughts:
-          I wish had I used Dublin or Imperial Sugar Dr Pepper (since it is no longer being produced in Dublin, boo) for a better flavor
-          Not sold on the shortening in the frosting, I know its traditional but it’s sort of greasy which isn't cool when you have to hold a nickel/silver/whatever instrument 15 minutes later

Here's where a picture would be of everyone enjoying
them if I remembered my camera for more than three games that season.

**edit: After talking to a fellow Bear, it seems that almost everyone who went to Baylor has a version, or at least has tried a version of a baked good (cake, cupcake, etc) that incorporates Dr Pepper. I'm sure the less traditional sort have even created non-Baylor appropriate drinks using it. I wonder if this was the case before, when it was Coke Hour?

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