Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Dungarees

I haven't been doing anything with Project: Professional lately. I'm about 200 hours into my last(!) internship and I go in jeans, sneakers, and if I'm feeling dressy (and not dealing with cobwebs, mold, or archeological materials) I'll wear a casual cardigan instead of a simple v-neck. So no need to for professional clothes there. But I have been sewing for Cousin K.

Background for this piece: I won a drawing for a kit from Little Dress Kits. While I thought the pinafore was adoooorable, there was a slight possibility Baby H was really a boy (it happens, things hide in the ultrasound) so I went with the truck dungarees since it's pretty gender nuetral* (and still oh so cute).

I did switch out the buttons since my generation on my dad's side plays soccer. There's only three of us, so it's not hard to get three kids in soccer. So I thought a little soccer ball was appropriate. I heard rumors that Baby H already has her first baby soccerball. I do think little soccer uniform jersey PJs when she's a little older would be adorable but I'll leave that up to her Alma.

Concerning the pattern: I thought it sewed up pretty quickly. There was a couple days of worry when I thought I sewed the pieces on sideways (don't ask) but then realized that somehow the back leg openings and the front leg openings were just 1/4" different in length. A little pin easing and all was well. The directions were pretty straight forward, though in metric so I had to dig out my seam gauge at times. The sticky pattern pieces are a great idea- if you're not sticky inept like me. I ended up with one in my hair, I don't know how. It now looks like Olive chewed on it. Great concept just not for me.

I did change a few things. The pattern calls for a double stitched seam or pinking on the seams but I skipped the basting (but good idea for beginners though) and flat-felled the side seams and pinked the facing seams. It's nice and clean that way. I also used velcro and a faux buttonhole since I thought K wouldn't want to fidget with buttons on a <1 yo. There's the switched button on the pocket too but I'm not sure that's really worth mentioning (though getting the button was a debacle, USPS lost my first set as well as the fabric for Olive's Halloween costume***)

The Facts:
  • Fabric: Provided by the Kit
  • Pattern: Little Dress Kits' Truck Dungarees
  • Year: Early 2010s 
  • Notions: All purpose foot, regular needle, blue and red thread
  • Techniques/Tutorials: Flat felling without a foot (forget where, look around I'm sure there are plenty)
  • Cost: $2.50 (the buttons)
  • Time: <1 month, probably 5 hours of actual work, including staring at the legs trying to figure them out. I always have problems with legs.
  • Make Again?: Maybe, it's at least going in my baby shower stash

* DH says it says boy but I don't really care.
**Don't worry, I have a backup. The fabric finally showed up when the company sent me a second order. The fabric was on a roll taller than me, I don't know how you lose something like that.

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