Sunday, June 9, 2013

(theoretically) Quick Storage Bag

The horse I was riding up until last week* threw me and then I caught the nasty bug that's been going around (it's since turned into a sinus infection and I can't hear 100% out of one ear) so all last weekend I moped around. The problem is I get a bit manic when sick and decided I needed to replace the plastic bag that's been housing random stuff.

I thought a clothespin bag would be pretty much what I wanted but I didn't want to do something like BGH's round and sort of frilly one. So in my drug-addled mind (I don't handle decongestants well) I started drafting one. But not just any one. I wanted to be able to remove the hanger and not be able to see it when up. So I ended up constructing a 4 layer bag with a zipper, using a hanger and a parking tag for size guides. The pattern pieces are alright (the back may be missing the seam allowance, I'm not actually sure about that.)

 The problem arose when I tried to write instructions for myself. See the earlier statement about decongestants. It sort of worked. Somehow the lining ended up inside out but at that point I just wanted it done so I gave up and called it a design feature.

DH gave me a really pitying look when I was trying to figure these out.

  • Fabric: Stash Scraps from Olive's Halloween Costume and my Chevron Skirt
  • Pattern: Self Drafted
  • Notions: All Purpose Thread, Regular Presser Foot, Zipper Foot, Zipper
  • Techniques/Tutorials: None, and the zipper shows it
  • Cost: <10
  • Time: 5-6 hours
  • Make Again?: Nope
*He's actually a great horse- and definitely the kind of horse I would want in a couple of years, nice and mostly finished, can show easily up through 3rd level - but this past week I was up on a new guy, that stands at a very tall 17.3hh.

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