Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crème Brûlée French Toast

Smitten Kitchen (Again)

Basically, it's a rich version of French Toast. If you soak it as long as she says, the center is nice and custard-y. Good with strawberries and whipped cream (minimal amount of sugar, you don't need it with this one). If you can get the brulee part right, it looks fancy (if you don't burn the sugar...)

First time I made it I used pretty exactly her recipe and have barely tweaked it since (not that we have french toast that often, Saturday is a rare sleep-in day so it's closer to lunch than breakfast when we wake up for the last time and neither feel like doing more dishes).

 Old plates and mismatched silverware, has to be at least two years old. 
Probably should replace this at some point....

Things I changed:
-          We usually omit any orange flavoring (does add something but not totally necessary)
-          We always omit alcohol (see my comments on RoastChicken)
-          We use whatever bread looks good at the store, even the weird thin-sliced sourdough that DH likes
-          The sugar topping is good but a bit fiddly and when you are as accident prone as I am, not worth it for the injuries ensued
-          I rarely soak them more than 30 minutes. I love the custard center (I had a great version at the U.S. Grant Hotel on our honeymoon that was very similar using squares of brioche) but DH hates them

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