Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pecan Pie Muffins and Apple Pie Bars

These will probably some of the last normal recipes I'll be posting/reviewing for the next few months. I have to go essentially vegan until at least mid-February for my cholesterol (yes, at 23, I won the genetic lottery) so that means a lot creative food planning.

Anyway, these two recipes are not so healthy, but they are delicious. We brought snacks in for church and I wanted two different types of treats (plus fruit). They even got rave reviews from the self-proclaimed foodie in the class.

This is what was left after class.

So first, pecan pie muffins. I would say these are significantly healthier than actual pecan pie. My conservation group was my guinea pigs and they all liked them, so I figured they were safe for church. I used the recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook (the name makes me giggle growing up in LancCo)

Things I changed: I doubled the recipe and used a Calphalon mini-muffin pan. It didn't make a full pan, I think I was 2 short. 

The Apple Pie Bars are from Smitten Kitchen, she calls it a slab pie which might be more descriptive but oh well.

Things I changed: 
I used store bought dough (4 disks) because I realized the muffins weren't enough and there was no way I was making pie dough at 9 at night. 
I also used a slightly smaller and deeper pan, creating a deeper, slightly goopier pie.
I played around with the Apple Cider Drizzle because I couldn't get the right consistency.
I crimped the pie edges with a fork. 
DH ate the leftover raw dough (I think that's gross and weird)

Other Thoughts: Use the parchment paper! Made cleanup - and serving - so much easier.

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