Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Avocado Salmon Buttered Toast Salad

Let's kick things off with a recipe- for most cases I will post the link for the recipe for the time being .
This came from: Joy the Baker's Buttered Crouton Salad

DH and I loved this salad. I blame my family’s Norwegian-ness for my love of smoked fish and this salad is perfect. I bet you could use broiled or grilled fish instead but we weren’t allowed to have a grill at the old apartment and I'm holding out until we can have fit a full sized grill soo… smoked it is! I wouldn’t try herring on here though, a little too oily. We used a bag or two of mixed spring greens since I thought they worked well, I suppose you could use regular lettuce (DH wanted butter lettuce, he loves it).
      -     Watch the toasting, without fail, I burn one side of one batch (or myself)*. Good luck.

Things I changed:
-          Nothing**

I miss the balcony, yes, the railing was wide enough that Olive could slip through if she saw a squirrel, and the neighbors smoked which wafted  over, and I could hear sirens from a busy street and there was terrible traffic outside... but there was a good deal of privacy and a great relatively-quiet walking trail was 30 steps away. Goodness this is longer than a caption should be and I haven't even covered the interior...

* First, I should preface by saying I come from a very accident-prone family. Best way to get DH to cringe is to start trying to figure out "whose turn" it was to go to the ER on my side. Anyway, I have a scar on my  hand thanks to this recipe. Wasn't watching what I was doing and was holding a very hot pan in my non-dominant hand and oops, there's a blister. So pay attention, don't wave hot pans around, and you should be fine.
**Not a complete lie but sometimes we buy a longer length of smoked salmon and then have lox and bagels for a week, too. I think that's 10 oz. Pretty sure you're not supposed to have that much fish in a week, but meh. Olive has a fish formula dry food (switching her to a buffalo formula after this bag is finished since we now live near a store that carries higher quality food and her current food changed formulas and I don't like it) and she's fine. Yes, I'm using my dog's nutritional needs as a justification of my own.

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