Friday, August 31, 2012

An Introduction I suppose

So I guess I’ll give this blog-thing a shot. At the very least, I’ll have somewhere to document new recipes, projects, and the antics of the puppy (DH has decided she will be a puppy until she is 8, and may even after that. We have 7 years to decide).

On Washington Crossing the Delebear.
In a search for a clever user name for something university related and after suggesting more questionable names like "bear collector" (sounds like a bad lingerie shop to me) DH landed on that gem. With a little convincing, it stuck and I promised him I'd reserve it as blog name (since twitter doesn't allow for long handles apparently). It's a play on the fact that our alma mater is the bears (technically bruins but we only use that in pep tunes that no one outside the band actually knows, though they did start announcing as our "war march" my senior season, no clue why) and they love a good play on words. And we recently moved so I can work on another degree in the DMV so it sort of makes sense. And I love history, and I used that particular painting in one of my last finals of undergrad (yes, really, it was military history final no less). So there. Washington Crossing the Delebear.

You’ll find a couple different things here (hopefully):
-          Reviews of mostly successful recipes (I may include disasters like the Pink Lady Cake just because it was that special)
-          “Normal” sewing projects (things that wouldn't be too strange to wear to class)
-          Costumed sewing projects (I have the firm belief that everyone- including the dog- could use a costume box)
-          Puppy sewing projects (yes, double coated breeds are more or less waterproof but they just look adorable in little yellow slickers, especially when they still have a puppy coat and very little undercoat)
-          Maybe some little crafty bits
-          Lots of parentheses (don’t ask where that writing style came from, couldn’t tell you)

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